Tom Hollon, PhD has helped clients win more than $160 million in grants and contracts

I help scientists win NIH R01 grants and companies win SBIR grants. I’ve helped clients win more than $160,000,000.


Money-Back Guarantee

If I accept you as a client and you do what we agree to, then I will deliver what I promise — or else you don’t owe me anything.

Do you need a R01 as a tenure requirement?

If you have a great research idea and preliminary data to back it up, there’s an excellent chance I can help you win.  I’ve helped lots of assistant profs get the grant they needed for tenure. Check out my R01-for-tenure program.

Are you a senior professor whose R01 funding dried up?

If you’re tired of every R01 application scoring below payline and you still have a great research idea and preliminary data, I’ve helped other profs in your situation get back in the money. Check out my R01 Accelerator program. Then let’s talk. Find out if I can help you.

Do you want a grant consultant with a track record of success to help your department or medical school?

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Am I promising miracles?

Not at all.  I can give you advice based on years of experience. I can help you find the right study section and program officer. I can show you what funded grants in your field look like. I can show you a host of grant writing tricks. And I can edit your research plan to sell the excitement of your ideas and guarantee that your experiments will work.  But none of this relieves you of figuring out a project that’s important and innovative, with experiments reviewers can’t attack.  And you can’t give up. With my help, you must keep applying until you win.

If you need more help and mentoring to win with NIH than you’ve been getting, check out what I have to offer.

And then if it seems right, get in touch.


What Clients Say
“Thank you for your edits to highlight and emphasize the strengths of my grant proposal. I found many of your edits to be thoughtful and constructive, and have incorporated them into my grant.”  — Tiffany Horng, Harvard University
 “Without your expertise in contract proposal and medical writing, we would not have produced a proposal that we were proud to send to the NIH.” — Michael McKeehen, Pharm-Olam International
As a grant writer “Mr. Hollon showed a particular ability … to present a clear, logical and coherent case. It is without reservation that we provide a recommendation for Mr. Hollon. We are looking forward to using his services again.”– Nora B. Doherty, BioCrossroads

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