NIH R01 Grantsmanship: Justify It or Else

It can be a revelation to hear reviewers talk about grants. Or to read transcripts of reviewers talking about grants. Here’s something I learned about NIH R01 grantsmanship from reading “Inside the NIH Grant Review Process Video Script,” which NIH published in 2004. I read it not long after I became a grant consultant. The … Read more

Guide to NIH R01 grant tips and resources

Here are links to 22 topics related to winning NIH R01 grants. Review them to see what’s new that might give you an edge in winning or keeping funding. Whether you’re a R01 oldtimer or writing your first R01, NIH has more useful information about R01 funding sources, forms, instructions, and requirements than you may … Read more

NIH Grant Instructions about Money are Never Unimportant

Even minor instructions about money can be a big deal When NIH grant application instructions concern matters that are not strictly related to research, you may be tempted to give them short shrift. Watch out, because doing this can mean the difference between winning and losing your grant. This applies especially to grant application instructions … Read more