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2014 NIH SBIR Grant Money Cheat Sheet

Find out what NIH SBIR grants really pay.
It’s more than you think.

Tom Hollon, PhD, has helped clients win more than $19 million in grants and contracts.

If you’ve heard NIH Phase I SBIR grants pay up to $150,000 and Phase IIs up to $1 million, those amounts are actually just guidelines. Congress authorizes NIH to exceed guideline limits for SBIR research projects that can justify more money.

What’s more, some NIH institutes and centers award much higher SBIR awards than others. When it comes to SBIRs, institutes and centers are not identical peas from the same old pod.

So to know what NIH SBIR grants really pay, you have to know how each NIH institute and center uses its flexibility to decide SBIR grant awards.

That’s why you need my NIH SBIR Grant Money Cheat Sheet. This exclusive cheat sheet boils up-to-date, institute-wide  SBIR award information down into a couple of charts and tables and shows you how to use them to improve how you set SBIR budgets for your own grant applications.

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