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Tom Hollon, PhD has helped clients win more than $160 million in grants and contracts

I work with scientists and tech companies who need grants and contracts. I’ve helped clients win more than $160 million.

Do you worry you’ll lose a grant because you’re better at doing research than explaining in writing why your work is novel and significant?

Or do you worry a federal science agency won’t choose you for the contract because your RFP isn’t compelling about why you’re the best for the job?

Whatever kind of grant or proposal you’re preparing, if you’re concerned it doesn’t do you justice, I can help. I have proposal experience with federal science agencies like NIH, NSF, CDC, NIST, and others. I’ve also been a grant reviewer.

I’ll help you make it much easier for reviewers to understand what makes your proposal special and help you remove things that give reviewers doubts.  You’ll have a far better chance to win.

What Clients Say

“Thank you for your edits to highlight and emphasize the strengths of my grant proposal. I found many of your edits to be thoughtful and constructive, and have incorporated them into my grant.”  — Tiffany Horng, Harvard University

 “Without your expertise in contract proposal and medical writing, we would not have produced a proposal that we were proud to send to the NIH.” — Michael McKeehen, Pharm-Olam International

 As a grant writer “Mr. Hollon showed a particular ability … to present a clear, logical and coherent case. It is without reservation that we provide a recommendation for Mr. Hollon. We are looking forward to using his services again.” — Nora B. Doherty, BioCrossroad

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