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Tom Hollon, PhD

Years ago, when kind-hearted biochemist David Teller took a liking to me and gave me my first job in science, working in his lab at the University of Washington, he told me something I’ve never forgotten:

“Science is a great way of life if you don’t have to make your living at it,”  Dave said.

Was he ever right. As if you don’t have problems enough — trying to run a lab instead of it running you, putting up with non-collegial colleagues, suffering incomprehending journal editors and reviewers, and, oh yeah, trying to find time for a bit of a personal life — every year the budget screws on NIH seem to turn a little tighter, and scoring above payline sounds more and more like trying to squeeze that proverbial camel through the needle’s eye.

If you can’t believe how hard it is these days to win with NIH, let me help with this free report via email, “10 Mistakes than can Kill Your NIH Grant.” Just four pages, it summarizes mistakes I’ve seen again and again in research plans of brilliant researchers who don’t happen to be brilliant writers because grant writing is not why they got into science.

The margin between a winning and losing score is often tiny. If this report helps you score even a little higher, it’ll be worthwhile

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